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How this CPG retailer earned 1055x their CTR benchmark with EX.CO

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How do you provide existing customers with content that leads them to the right product? A leading, global CPG company…

Why Engagement Is Redefining How We Measure Success

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With the average time spent on a piece of digital content standing at a painful 8 seconds, publishers and brands…

Interactive Content and the Future of Live TV

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Online video game Fortnite's live performances and Netflix's new ventures indicate that younger audiences' expectations of content are changing: They…

It’s time to address some misconceptions about video

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Negotiating your way through the world of content monetization means not taking things at face value anymore. As the industry…

Long-Form Isn’t Dead: Here’s Why

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Why is a format from hundreds of years ago still being used by many of today’s publishers, and where’s the…

Introducing Templates: Better Content In A Fraction Of The Time

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Our newest solution not only eliminates this initial uncertainty of how to get started, but also educates users on the…

Beat Readers’ FOMO Attention Spans With These 5 Expert Tips

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We live in an era of democratized storytelling. Amateur Instagram photographers can take pictures like the pros and Snapchat storytellers…

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