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How Publishers Can Prioritize Monetization Without Compromising on UX

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At EX.CO, we're committed to providing the best possible in-stream video experiences that publishers worldwide can utilize to enhance UX…

Trends in Spend: Advertising Now, Predictions for Later Virtual Panel

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Last week senior leaders from EX.CO, Beeswax, essence and IRIS.TV came together to discuss trends in advertising, predictions for what's…

Recap of E-Commerce Reimagined: Connect & Convert with Commerce Content with Shachar Orren

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Digital content is more important than ever before. This is especially true in a time where digital content consumption is…

Content That Promotes Positive Change

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Content is powerful, particularly when it is used to promote social good. Here, we've rounded up five great examples of…

Introducing: Channels Portal!

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Building and providing top-quality products, service and performance for our customers is our number one priority. Which is why, today…

Here’s What You Need To Know About EX.CO Channels

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EX.CO Video Solutions, otherwise known as Channels, is a content-driven video solution that publishers worldwide can use to increase revenue…

EX.CO interviews a London psychiatrist on Coronavirus, working from home and hopelessness

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"Check in on your furloughed employees, they still need you."

Virtual Couch Chat with, Capsule & EX.CO

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In a time when we're all adjusting to a new normal, brands have had to quickly adapt their marketing strategies…

How to use an EX.CO form

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Capture emails enriched with super interesting facts about your customers

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