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GOAL: Create a more personalized online shopping experience for ALEX AND ANI by bridging the customer experience gap and growing conversions.

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By using personalized interactive digital experiences throughout their online shopping journey, ALEX AND ANI, the Rhode Island-based jewelry retailer, was able to more than double their online revenue and develop a more natural bond with their customers.

The Challenge

As the pandemic continued to grow, ALEX AND ANI, the Rhode Island-based jewelry retailer known for beautiful charm bracelets that promote spirituality and well being, needed to effectively engage audiences online in the same way they interacted with customers who walked into their brick and mortar stores. Achieving this at scale and with technology that was simple to implement across their website was a challenge. The retailer also wanted to find a unique way to drive ecommerce conversions while also improving the customer experience on site.

The Solution

ALEX AND ANI leveraged EX.CO’s advanced, interactive product matching experience in the form of a gift guide for website visitors. The journey guided customers through a series of questions to deliver a personalized product recommendation based on the responses. Questions covered key topics that an in-person sales associate might use to help identify the ideal purchase including who they may be shopping for, the intention of the purchase, preferred metal choice, and general style choice.

Like all EX.CO solutions, the resulting experience was codeless (with a one-time, easy implementation cross-site) and native in nature, blending in seamlessly with the ALEX AND ANI website to streamline the customer journey without distracting visitors from the intent to purchase. The solution was also built specifically to give the retailer ample opportunity to learn more about their customers such as why they are shopping for jewelry and products they are most likely to purchase. ALEX AND ANI can leverage this valuable first-party data to retarget customers and inform future product promotions.

Who are you shopping for?

The Results

The two-week campaign lifted conversions for ALEX AND ANI by nearly 65% which resulted in more than 2X revenue. The jewelry retailer also saw a 27% higher average order value (AOV). The product matching journey also earned a 33% click through rate.

Additionally, the EX.CO product matching journey fulfilled ALEX AND ANI’s mission of bridging the customer gap between brick and mortar and e-commerce by humanizing the online shopping experience which, in turn, increased overall purchase intent.

Consumers have many options when making their holiday purchasing decisions and we wanted to make the online shopping experience as seamless as possible for visitors hoping to find the perfect gift. EX.CO’s interactive digital experience served as a virtual assistant to quickly recommend the ideal piece of jewelry and we were thrilled with the results after we saw it more than doubled the value of our average customer. The solution personalized the shopping journey, optimized the conversion funnel, deepened the connection consumers have with our jewelry, and ultimately increased sales sitewide.

Kate Robinson, EVP of Brand Strategy, ALEX AND ANI

Key Takeaways

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EX.CO converts average website visitors into consumers with high purchase intentions, enabling retailers to increase revenue and dramatically improve the customer journey.

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Interactive content can emulate the experience of going into a brick and mortar shop by helping customers find what they need.

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Product recommendation experiences allow ecommerce businesses to collect first-party data about their customers.

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