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How Knorr Turned Up The Heat To Increase Brand Awareness Amongst Millennials

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Goal: Increase brand awareness


The campaign resulted in positive shifts in brand metrics for those who were exposed to EX.CO interactive content. These metrics include spontaneous brand awareness, finding the Knorr brand more appealing after engaging with the EX.CO-powered content, and an increased likelihood in recommending Knorr to others.

The items were published on sites including Cosmopolitan, Food Network UK,, The Daily Record and more.

EX.CO also achieved above bench-mark engagement rates including high completion rates, share rates and time spent with content.

The Challenge

Knorr, a Unilever-owned food and beverage brand, was looking to increase brand awareness among Millennials, by engaging users with interactive ad content that drives talkability about Knorr’s love of food, and inspires them to share it with their friends.

The Solution

EX.CO created an interactive, custom sponsored content campaign that aligned Knorr’s goals and brand message with the appropriate medium (formats). Our campaign used interactive formats to create content items tailored to Millennials around the love of food and flavor.

A Personality Quiz invited readers to learn what their favorite food says about them, pairing entertaining questions with appetizing visuals, and a custom Flip Card item offered insights regarding readers’ personal flavor obsessions.

EX.CO then distributed both items to premium publisher partners with relevant target audiences in each territory, engaging users at various touch points. Publishers then distributed the pieces of content via their social channels to further the campaign’s footprint.

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Key Takeaways

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Interactive content serves as a powerful tool in overcoming the obstacles of content-fatigue and ad blocking.

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Engaging articles and well-crafted content prove successful in converting readers to brand ambassadors, by encouraging them to share content and recommend it.

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Sponsored content campaigns manage to expose specific audiences to the brand’s message, increasing various brand awareness metrics.

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