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Frequently Asked Questions

All About EX.CO

Why did Playbuzz change its name to EX.CO?

We’ve always believed that content should make an impact; in order to do that, it had to be an experience worthy of interaction. We continue to believe in this mission, and we wanted it to be better reflected in our DNA. So we created a brand that captures who we are, what we do, and what makes us unique.

What's the difference between Playbuzz and EX.CO?

EX.CO is an evolution of Playbuzz, taking all of our content creation and revenue-generating products and housing them under a more cohesive umbrella. Playbuzz.com will continue to operate as an O&O consumer content website.

What are the differences between the Playbuzz platform and the new EX.CO platform?

  • The EX.CO platform is an upgraded, premium version of the previous free self-serve platform The new platform is open to every business that wants to create engaging content and data-driven marketing insights, unlike the previous platform that was available, for free, for editorial use only.
  • The EX.CO platform has new creation tools and templates, more robust data analytics, external integrations, SEO capabilities, lead generation tools that seamlessly integrate with your content, and so much more.

What does EX.CO represent?

EX.CO stands for The Experience Company, because the content we create and that’s created using our platform and tool is designed to create engaging experiences that deliver results.

Will Playbuzz.com shut down?

No. Playbuzz will continue on as a consumer content website utilizing the EX.CO technology, but all content creation capabilities have been migrated to EX.CO.

All About Content Migration

What will happen to the content, dashboards and profiles I’ve created on Playbuzz? Will it be lost? Will I still be able to access it?

Everything (e.g. content, dashboards, profiles, etc.) will migrate to The EX.CO Platform under the same login credentials you used previously on the Playbuzz website. Please note, you will have to re-login your first time on EX.CO. Nothing should have been lost in the transition, but if you notice anything irregular, please let us know.

Will my articles be deleted?

No, nothing will be deleted as a result of this change.

Is there a way I can download my current articles/content on Playbuzz?

Not at this time.

How will this affect my website?

Your existing embeds will now say “Experience by EX.CO” and our video player will display our new logo in all future content

Will this change how I get in touch with my Playbuzz team?

Our team email addresses will be changing to @ex.co. But you’ll still be able to reach us at our Playbuzz email addresses for a while, so don’t worry! Nothing will get lost in the transition.

Trials and Upgrading to EX.CO

Are there new and additional features on The EX.CO Platform?

Yes! We are excited to announce new features and offerings on the platform. Furthermore, we plan to continue rolling out more quality features as we understand the needs of our users. Here’s some of what is new on the Pro and Enterprise plans of our platform:

  • A simplified creation process
  • Easy to use templates
  • Bulk image upload
  • Upgraded data infrastructure
  • New lead generation tools
  • Look-and-feel customizations
  • Distribution capabilities of quizzes and polls via ad server
  • Integration with Data Management Platforms for seamless, cross-platform access to insights
  • Integration with marketing platforms (e.g.,Marketo, Salesforce,etc.)
  • Pixel management tools to track target audiences

Is there a trial offered for The EX.CO Platform?

Yes. If you are a new user to The EX.CO Platform, there is a 14-day trial period to try out all the amazing tools and features of the platform. On the other hand, if you’re an existing Playbuzz account holder, you will have an extended trial period beyond the 14-day trial to test the new platform.

Will I still be able to edit my item, embed it or have access to the analytics tools once my trial ends?

When your trial ends, you can no longer edit your content, gain access to your analytics tools or the suite of content creation tools. However, your embedded items will stay live for people to engage with. They won’t be deleted or changed in any way.

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