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A dynamic layer of interaction on your website

Always on and easily integrated on any and every page in different placements, EX.CO experiences meet your audience in key points of their journey with relevant content and video.

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Conversion to purchase

Match customers with products and services to connect and convert

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Lead generation

Experiences that generate lead conversions 3X the industry standard

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Ad revenue

Join the world’s leading publishers growing their revenue streams with engaging video

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Engagement & education

Deliver an engaging message that leaves a lasting impact

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1st party data collection

Collect unique first party data to enrich your targeting and segmentation

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With a one time integration and simple solution templates, you can change, A/B test and optimize your EX.CO experiences as many times as you like, no dev or design resources required.

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Alex and Ani
EX.CO’s product recommendation takes the place of a sales associate in a physical store, helping our customers find the perfect jewelry piece for them. By giving our users a seamless user experience we reached our conversion goals and beyond with a 65% higher conversion rate.
Kate Robinson, EVP of Brand Strategy
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We use EX.CO’s suite of interactive content tools for Babbel Magazine content — which includes language trivia, vocabulary reviews and other helpful language-learning resources. We’ve continually seen impressive results that show significant increases in engagement with our content since we started using EX.CO’s highly visual content experiences over five years ago.
Jennifer Jordan, VP and Head of Content
skynews logo
Sky News always looks for bold ways of telling stories, and EX.CO offers us the ability to do that with interactive and engaging formats that help elevate our award winning journalism.
Ronan Hughes, Output Editor
audi logo
I’ve been really impressed with EX.CO. It has enabled us to create interesting learning content for our dealers. It’s vital that we are able to engage our audiences through a variety of different activities, especially so during this difficult period.
Richard Sorensen, Training Manager for Audi Training South East Asia
EX.CO's interactive tools helped us communicate complex messaging and create a meaningful dialogue with our target audience in a way that helped gain parent's trust. Through these relationships, we successfully drove much higher conversion rates.
Sivan Tzur, Digital Marketing Manager
sky logo
We were thrilled that the unique nature of Journey and The EX.CO Platform allowed us to interact with our audience in a totally new, hyper-personalised way and ultimately shed light on what our audience wanted to enjoy. We are beyond delighted at the amazing results EX.CO have driven for us which have surpassed all benchmarks!
Roshni Tulsiani, Senior Media & Marketing Manager at Sky TV
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Getting employees engaged is increasingly difficult. Using EX.CO's interactive tools, we were able to interact with thousands of employees around the globe and educate them about the latest offering from Amdocs Media.
Ronen David, Marketing Lead
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EX.CO has always been an ally for The HuffPost. Their technology has been vital in increasing our readers' engagement with our content. The addition of Channels is another step in our alliance and has allowed us to offer our best content in a more enjoyable way for our readers and without the need to add complicated processes to our workflow.
Daniel Ventura, Head of Product at HuffPost Spain

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