EX.CO’s Content marketing analytics tools allow you to optimize your content based on performance

EX.CO’s robust marketing analytics allow you see engagement data for every interaction, to optimize your content based on performance as well as to integrate with your existing third party software.

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Learn what your audience cares about

Gather unique engagement-based insights about your audience for better targeting and segmentation.

Interaction drilldown

Dive deep into user interactions with your entire item, along with each individual section of your content, including scroll depth, biggest drop points and most engaging experiences.

Audience Segmentation

Create audience segments for future marketing campaigns based on behavior.

Optimize future content

Leverage EX.CO’s in-depth engagement metrics to learn what’s working and optimize your content, for improved performance over time.

A/B Test to Understand Your Audience

Test performance and improve marketing effectiveness by changing elements within the content to increase conversion rates.

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Third party integrations

Get more value from the EX.CO Platform by connecting with your existing CRM and marketing tools.

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