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Easily create interactive content that users want to engage with

EX.CO’s innovative and easy-to-use content creation platform allows anyone to create engaging content that delivers results.

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Simple platform, sophisticated results

The essence of the EX.CO platform is the ability to create engaging content that delivers measurable value, all without needing a designer or developer.

These content experiences allow you to learn about your audience, drive conversions, and optimize future campaigns.

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Engage your audience with a variety of
content experiences that audiences love

Gain real-time data and customer feedback by having real customers, not bots, vote for what they like.

Utilize Poll for:

  • Customer feedback
  • Data Collection
  • Product-User Matching
  • Gathering audience opinions
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Create suspense with the allure of a big reveal that users have to click to discover.

Utilize Flip for:

  • Customer engagement
  • Knowledge retention
  • Adding interactivity to images
  • Creating the element of surprise
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Engage customers with a series of questions presenting personalized results, data that can be used for future segmentation and targeting.

Utilize Quiz for:

  • Collecting audience preferences
  • Audience segmentation & re-targeting
  • Converting customers
  • Engaging audience
  • Longer dwell times
  • Create meaningful experience with valuable results
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A decision tree, “choose your own adventure” style quiz, in which each question presented to the user changes based on their previous response, creating a personalized and scalable experience.

Utilize Journey for:

  • Audience segmentation & retargeting
  • Accurate Product-User Matching
  • Longer dwell times
  • Creating a personalized user journey
Create Journey

Give users a challenge by asking questions to test their knowledge in an interactive, visual format.

Utilize Trivia for:

  • Customer education
  • Knowledge retention
  • Internal/External training
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Easily and quickly create fully customizable videos customers will want to watch, without any video editing skills.

Utilize Video for:

  • Tutorial and How-To guides
  • Conveying information in engaging formats
  • Longer dwell times
Create Video

Educate customers with a stand out static or video quote to communicate a key brand message, company announcement or expert opinion.

Utilize Quote for:

  • Brand Communication
  • Customer education
  • Message retention
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Reach readers in a familiar format: text messages unfolding on their screen in real-time.

Utilize Convo for:

  • Customer engagement
  • Customer education
  • Making information more digestible
  • Longer dwell times
Create Convo

Organize information in visually pleasing bullet points, designed to make it more memorable and easy to consume.

Utilize Summary Card for:

  • Customer Engagement
  • Knowledge retention
  • Longer dwell times
  • Making information more digestible
Create Summary Card

Stimulate customer engagement through personalized upvoting and downvoting, as the ranked list reorders in real-time.

Utilize Rank for:

  • High customer engagement
  • Customer insights and feedback
  • Longer dwell times
Create Rank

Ask a question for users to select all the answers that apply to them. Users then receive personalized and relevant results.

Utilize Checklist for:

  • Collecting customer data
  • Segmenting your audience
  • Converting customers
  • Engaging your customers
Create Checklist

Sort items in a numbered, bulleted or interactive list to keep audiences engaged with your content in an easily digestible format.

Utilize List for:

  • Communicating a difficult subject
  • Engaging your customers
  • Driving website traffic
Create List

Robust template gallery

Leverage templates for an easier way to produce engaging content. The templates are optimized for the best performance and organized based on your vertical, your use case, or your overall goals.

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content creation template gallery

Content that is fully customizable

The platform is white-labeled and customizable according to your brand’s look and feel.

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Make your content more visual

interactive content experience getty image access

Getty images access

With your EX.CO subscription, you can get access to enrich your content with millions of Getty Images and videos, available directly within the creator to save you time and money.

interactive content experience image editor

Image editor

Edit images directly in the platform, adding stickers or text – no need for additional software. Add GIFs to your stories with our Giphy integration.

interactive content experience embed social

Embed social content

Insert tweets, Facebook posts, Youtube videos, Instagram photos, Google maps and other media right into your content with a simple copy and paste of the media link.

Import existing document

Easily use copy you’ve already written in a Word or Google document, eliminating the need for extra work.

content creation import existing text

Preview your content beforehand

See all of your content in desktop, mobile and tablet view, before publishing, to ensure everything is perfect across devices.

content creation preview your content

Embed your content anywhere

Content created on the EX.CO Platform is fully embeddable anywhere; your website, blogs, landing pages, etc.

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