Lead Generation

Interactive content that drives meaningful results

Improve conversion rates by matching customers with your products and services, helping them find what they need at the right time.

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Engagement that Converts

Create content targeting customers during the consideration stage of the funnel, when they are most likely to click through.

Lead Generation

Increase the amount of emails and other information gathered by placing lead forms within interactive experiences – such as quiz results.

content creation platform conversion lead generation

Download Leads

Easily download the leads you’ve generated through the conversion process.

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CTA Button

Place a CTA button within an interactive experience. Match it to the result in a quiz or poll for increased performance. Customize the button to match your look and feel or A/B test and optimize as needed.

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A/B Test to Understand Your Audience

Test performance by changing elements within the content to increase conversion rates.

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Third party integrations

Get more value from the EX.CO Platform by connecting with your existing CRM and marketing tools.

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content creation platform data collection
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