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Engaging content is the most effective way to connect with consumers and deliver measurable value.

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Interactive content is more meaningful

Interactive content is 81% more effective

at grabbing customers’ attention

Source: CMI Interactive Content Report

Interactive content involves motor movements & choices,

activating a bigger range of brain areas

and leading to stronger memory of the information

Source: Inc. Neuroscience and Content

Capture your audience’s attention at all stages of their journey

The EX.CO Platform allows you to easily build engaging content that your customer wants to interact with.

Content that matches audience consumption habits

EX.CO’s tools allow you to create content that matches the way audiences expect to consume content today: interacting and engaging rather than passively scrolling.

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Engaging content you can measure

EX.CO’s interactive content has been proven to increase dwell times and engagement rates, boosting awareness and leading customers further down the funnel.

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Optimal user experience

Our platform allows you to create content that customers want to interact with because it provides value to your audience.

Content creation optimal user experience


Average eng. Rate


Scroll depth


Click through rate

vs. industry benchmark of 1%

2+ Min

Average article
dwell time


Average brand lift, as measured by Nielsen

Source: Nielsen Study, 2018

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