Integrate your EX.CO content with third party marketing, CRM or analytics software

Get more value from the EX.CO Platform by connecting with your existing customer management and marketing tools.

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Seamless Integration

Gain a new level of understanding about your audience by connecting the EX.CO Platform with your third party software.

Enhanced user profiles

Enrich your existing customer insights by appending your database with the robust data gathered from EX.CO.

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Marketing Automation

Better segment your users, collect leads and trigger marketing messaging (e.g., emails, chats, SMS, etc.) according to how your user interacts with an EX.CO experience.

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CRM enrichment

Seamlessly connect EX.CO with your existing CRM software, building richer user profiles with the insights gathered while customers are engaged with your content.

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Data Platform and Database Integration

Send user’s answers and behaviors directly to your DMP, CDP or data warehouse to enrich your existing user profiles for further targeting and segmentation.

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Analyze all your data in one place

Make it easier to spot trends and develop insights for future marketing efforts by connecting EX.CO with your existing analytics platform and look at all of your data in one place, without having to toggle between platforms.

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