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How American Express Found the Route to Young Travellers' Hearts

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Goal: Gather behavioral insights

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The interactive content campaign achieved above industry-average results and allowed the brand to gather behavioral insights based on responses to the questions in the quiz. In addition, the item was published by notable UK media outlets, including: The Sun, The Week, Daily Mirror and the Sunday Express. The campaign yielded impressive results across the board.

The Challenge

American Express was looking to target and engage young, UK-based families interested in travel. The financial services brand challenged EX.CO to deliver interactive content at scale to this target audience that stands out in such an inundated environment.

The Solution

EX.CO produced a custom piece of interactive content via the Personality Quiz format entitled, “Answer these 10 questions to discover your next family holiday destination.”

The item asked readers relevant questions regarding their favorite holiday activities, vacation pet peeves and more. It was then distributed to UK publishers that American Express’ target audience frequents. The EX.CO-powered quiz compelled users to interact with a format clearly labeled as sponsored, based on the engaging environment it created.

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Key Takeaways

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Interactive content can – and should – be tailored to fit specific target audiences, in order to drive better and more precise results.

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Working with publishers to embed interactive content items that weaves in their own voice enables brands to create sponsored content campaigns at scale, instead of crafting a traditional branded article and committing to a single publisher.

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Items that are meant for the financial service industry – or any other industry for that matter – can be created around subjects more indirectly related to the brand’s field of work, thus offering a broader and more digestible content experience for viewers, versus one that comes off like a sales pitch.