A full online video platform*

*without the license fee

Ziff Davis

Consolidate all your video
in one platform

The leading OVP for revenue

An immediate 100-200% increase in video revenue, compared to legacy OVP providers.

Performance comparison when launched on a global media group

Video players for the mobile age

Fully customizable, lightweight and quick to load. Optimized for Google Web Vitals.

Scalable content management

Upload videos via the platform or manage at scale using MRSS, YouTube or API.
Easily curate for each domain, section or individual page.

Transparency at all levels

Check video engagement, performance, and earnings via the platform, API or with direct log-level reports.

The publisher OVP

End-to-end video management with no fixed cost, using the world's best monetization technology.


Legacy OVPs EX.CO
Cookieless identity stack No Yes
Real-time ML bid optimization No Yes
Fully agnostic demand auction No Yes
AVOD Yes Yes
Header bidding Yes Yes
Instream / Outstream Yes Yes
Self-serve publisher demand platform Yes Yes

Asset management

Legacy OVPs EX.CO
YouTube integration No Yes
Manual, MRSS and API upload Yes Yes
Cloud hosting Yes Yes
Asset management SDK Yes Yes


Legacy OVPs EX.CO
Self-serve content management Yes Yes
Playlist editor Yes Yes
Dynamic contextual playlists Yes Yes
Content management API Yes Yes
Premium third-party library Yes Yes


Legacy OVPs EX.CO
Web Vitals OVP video player Yes Yes
Mobile player / app Yes Yes
Video recommendation AI Yes Yes
Article matching Yes Yes
Accessibility tools Yes Yes


Legacy OVPs EX.CO
Log level reporting No Yes
Real-time analytics (video / playlist level) Yes Yes
Revenue dashboard (unified) Yes Yes
Demand dashboard Yes Yes
Reporting APIs Yes Yes

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