GOAL: Build a comprehensive video strategy across 1XL’s network of publishers to drive more revenue.

Results by the numbers


average gross revenue lift across network


player loads monthly

Nearly 4X

higher video dwell time

1XL is a digital media co-operative, comprised of 43 local and regional news publishers. With over 700 sites throughout the UK and Ireland, including Newsquest, and a de-duplicated unique user reach of 34.7 million monthly, 1XL’s offering provides scalable access to over half of the UK digital population across highly trusted established news titles.

Our partnership with EX.CO underscores the importance of having a strong relationship with a video technology partner. Their innovative solutions and collaborative approach have played a vital role in enhancing audience engagement and driving revenue growth across our network of publishers. In today's dynamic digital landscape, strategic partnerships like ours are essential for navigating challenges, meeting evolving industry demands, and achieving long-term success.

Scott Gill, Managing Director, 1XL

The Challenge

As a cooperative composed of well established, premium publishers, unified by a strong commitment to quality journalism, 1XL must often balance the primary mission of driving as much revenue as possible while also maintaining a positive user experience and strong audience engagement on each site.

The biggest challenge for 1XL was identifying a video technology provider that could accommodate all of the variances of their portfolio which consists of 43 local and regional news publishers. For example, Newsquest Media Group operates 200+ domains alone. They sought out a tech partner that could handle each website with the same care as the next, keeping UX top-of-mind while also finding a way to successfully monetize video content at scale. Since there are a myriad of different strategies that can boost revenue, 1XL needed long-standing experts in the space who could support its efforts as well as each publisher’s within the 1XL network.

Once a partnership with 1XL was established, EX.CO was challenged with the process of seamlessly transitioning the CMS integration from their previous online video platform (OVP) to EX.CO’s platform. The team of engineers also had to migrate 1XL’s video library and match video IDs.

The Solution

EX.CO’s award-winning online video platform became the go-to choice for 1XL in the summer of 2023. EX.CO’s Product Team meticulously mapped out their CMS use cases and features. Next, the team equipped 1XL with corresponding API endpoints to facilitate the transition, ensuring a smooth switch in behavior, appearance, and content management from their existing OVP to the EX.CO platform.

To migrate 1XL’s video library, EX.CO leveraged its in-house solution to connect via API to their current OVP, migrating their entire media library—complete with context such as upload dates and metadata—to be hosted on EX.CO. Given the widespread use of 1XL’s active video player, EX.CO not only migrated video items but also mirrored and replaced all previously uploaded content with EX.CO player equivalents throughout the migration process. This involved creating new EX.CO video IDs that corresponded to their existing OVP video IDs to ensure a seamless transition where relevant videos were passed via API, maintaining continuity across platforms, and transitioning without any editorial compromise or degradation.

1XL also took advantage of EX.CO’s smart matching playlist solutions, enabling a tag-based upload mechanism that streamlined the process of uploading videos to multiple domains based on unique identifiers per domain. In fact, they were able to transition all players across their domains without encountering any technical issues.

Once migration was complete, the cooperative quickly integrated EX.CO’s video player with an above-the-fold hero placement as well as sticky video units on both desktop and mobile for the highest possible viewability, as attracting more eyeballs to the player will always translate to more revenue earned. Because EX.CO is demand agnostic, 1XL was also able to quickly add their own demand sources into the fold.

Additionally, They also employed EX.CO’s contextually relevant video recommendations which are driven by an AI-based engine which consistently boosts dwell time by 49% and ad yield by 17%. This contextual targeting was especially effective for 1XL since their portfolio covers a vast amount of geographic regions.

Right out of the gate, one of their properties–City A.M.–began using EX.CO’s newest video player which boasts lightning fast speeds, an intuitive UX with interactive buttons, improved Google Core Web Vitals, and is fully compliant with the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) new video standards.

To support 1XL’s unique business model, EX.CO also released a new platform UI so they can give access and control to journalists from different publishers. The interface allows reporters to upload videos, set up dynamic playlists, and access the content marketplace for premium, supplemental video.

Last by certainly not least, EX.CO’s Technical Customer Success Management Team maintained weekly syncs with 1XL to review all open issues and instill technical optimizations where necessary.

The Results

1XL continues to be extremely pleased with the results of its partnership with EX.CO. The weekly sessions with EX.CO’s Technical Customer Success Management Team resulted in several technical optimizations–including one to adjust for yield and algorithms within 1XL’s Google Ad Manager (GAM). These optimizations combined with 1XL’s added demand proved to be transformative, and revenue quickly increased.

Overall, 1XL doubled its monthly revenue within 3 months. EX.CO’s technology integrations also contributed to an increase in audience engagement, resulting in an impressive 30M+ monthly player loads and nearly 4x higher dwell time.

The introduction of a new user interface by EX.CO, tailored to grant individual 1XL publishers access to essential tools, notably improved the relationship between 1XL and each of its publishers.

With more digital publishers struggling in today’s economic climate than ever before, 1XL has emerged as a leader in the UK, serving as a model for digital publishers wishing to expand their monetization efforts and bolster revenue streams. 1XL’s close collaboration with EX.CO made video a huge part of that success.

Key Takeaways

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There is no one-fits-all approach to video monetization success, and it's important to find a video technology partner with enough technical expertise to support your varied goals.

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EX.CO’s AI-driven contextual video content recommendations dramatically improves recirculation and engagement while simultaneously boosting revenue.

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Having the ability to integrate your own demand sources into the bidding process is crucial to maximize your video monetization success.