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Audi Educates and Trains Employees Using Interactive Content

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Goal: Increase employee engagement and retention of company trainings

Results by the numbers

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By using interactive content on the EX.CO Platform, Audi Training South East Asia was able to engage their participants in a hands-on manner, and establish completion and retention.

The Challenge

Audi South East Asia wanted to find a way for its dealer network to experience a hands-on product training session using an iPad for guidance, while simultaneously exploring the new vehicle.

In addition, the target was to ensure the assigned tasks were clear, that participants felt incentivized to complete their assigned work, and that they could verify everyone had fully grasped the content. All of which has become especially important with employees learning remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Solution

Audi South East Asia chose to use the EX.CO Platform to create a series of Trivia Experiences. They set out a series of challenging questions in each instance, which participants could then solve by investigating a particular feature in the vehicle. The content had a gamification effect – each participant was ranked on how swiftly & accurately they could find the correct solutions – enabling a ranking to be extracted against which they were awarded a prize for their work.

Audi was then able to quantify understanding & knowledge retention of the material through the analytics page on EX.CO’s Platform.

In addition, EX.CO has recently helped Audi Training South East Asia to engage their audiences during the COVID-19 crisis, creating over 25 pieces on content used in combination with Zoom and Google Classroom.

interactive content experience audi case study
I’ve been really impressed with EX.CO. It’s vital that we are able to engage our audiences through a variety of different activities, especially so during this difficult period. It has enabled us to create interesting learning content for our dealers, easily shared via Social Media or incorporated into a Virtual Training session, thus helping us keep staff engaged with our brand despite physical travel restrictions. More than the platform itself, the EX.CO team have been very supportive in helping us find the best solutions in every instance.

Richard Sorensen, Training Manager for Audi Training South East Asia

Key Takeaways

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EX.CO is distance-friendly, providing a lot of scope for internet-based learning during the Coronavirus pandemic

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Interactive content allows companies to incentivize teams to perform with rankings and other gamification qualities

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Analytics through the Platform offer insights into engagement rates and allows companies to see what is being retained or what might need additional explaining