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GOAL: Build a robust video strategy for BoardingArea’s network of travel websites to drive pageviews and revenue.

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With content consumed daily by millions of global readers, BoardingArea is a network of 60+ business travel and frequent flyer websites that provide news, information, and tips for every type of traveler.

Randy Petersen
From day one, we’ve been happy about our partnership with EX.CO and the new revenue we’re seeing, as a result. We recently added an additional 7 new sites from our network to EX.CO’s platform and as with each new integration, we saw 100% incremental new revenue in addition to the other benefits of the player. Even our lowest readership sites have seen a welcome revenue boost to the tune of 23%. We never would have achieved this kind of success without EX.CO’s technology and guidance, and we look forward to onboarding our entire network of sites soon. Beyond the value of the revenue is the value of the service we get from EX.CO–simply extraordinary.

Randy Petersen, Founder, BoardingArea

The Challenge

BoardingArea had no video monetization strategy in place because the team viewed video ads as a “distraction.” What they didn’t realize was that not all ads are intrusive and they could drive revenue without disrupting the user experience. EX.CO’s job was to help BoardingArea understand all of the benefits they could begin to reap if they added RSS feeds to their network of sites and EX.CO’s demand sources. After some convincing, BoardingArea agreed to start testing.

The Solution

BoardingArea quickly added EX.CO’s video player to its network of sites, including the implementation of adhesive units on mobile for increased viewability. The video players were customized to include each site’s logo and site colors, and modified to BoardingArea’s liking which, in some cases, included specially-shaped CTA buttons to match the look and feel of the site. EX.CO added RSS feeds and premium demand into each player to help surface recommended content to users based on browsing behavior, contextual targeting, AI, and machine-learning capabilities that are built into EX.CO’s platform, ultimately recirculating traffic around each site.

BoardingArea Example

The Results

BoardingArea has been thrilled with the RSS feeds, video ads, and resulting revenue growth. To date, the team has seen a 20% lift in revenue of the network on a monthly basis even though they have video players on less than half of their properties. The RSS feeds have generated over 200K additional sessions on a monthly basis and even more impressively, the dwell time with each player load exceeds 3 minutes which is triple that of the average session length duration.

Moreover, EX.CO’s AI and machine-learning capabilities created a dynamic, personalized experience for users by surfacing relevant content to each user, generating more engagement and time on site.

Key Takeaways

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A comprehensive video strategy can encompass more than just video ads. EX.CO’s video content plug-in can tap into RSS feeds to generate new content and recirculate traffic.

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EX.CO helps organizations achieve multiple KPIs including subscription growth, more pageviews, improved CTRs, and more time on site, all driving revenue outside of video ads.

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EX.CO’s AI and machine-learning capabilities allow publishers to improve UX by surfacing personalized and more relevant content to website visitors.

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