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GOAL: Drive meaningful revenue for Endgame360’s network of websites without sacrificing UX

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With 40M+ monthly readers who consume high-quality content across three separate websites, Endgame360 strives to provide the most up-to-date information about entertainment, sports, and automobiles.

Yelena Dolgoplosk
EX.CO delivered powerful results in just five short months. We’ve already seen revenue increase by 15% monthly per site, but beyond the numbers, the whiteglove customer care we receive from EX.CO positions them as an authentic partner of our business, versus just another tech vendor. We’re excited to continue our investment in EX․CO and move the needle even further together.

Yelena Dolgoplosk, VP Monetization, Endgame360

The Challenge

Endgame360 was looking for an efficient way of driving pageviews and increasing revenue across its network of websites. With 90% of the publisher’s traffic coming from mobile, maximizing mobile real estate was crucial.

Since Endgame360 also has its own sales team, the publisher was also interested in leveraging their own direct demand deals to have more control over the ads being served to its audiences.

The Solution

Endgame360 promptly integrated EX.CO’s instream video player into MotorBiscuit.com, an informative site full of automotive news, reviews, and buying advice, and CheatSheet.com, an entertainment and celebrity news site.

EX.CO’s desktop, in-article, sticky unit was added which moves with the reader as they scroll, and more notably, the publisher added EX.CO’s newly designed top sticky unit on mobile which substantially increases ad viewability and therefore, revenue.

Endgame360 also took full advantage of EX.CO’s flexible demand solution by using a combination of EX.CO’s premium demand alongside their own demand. This feature enables publishers like Endgame360 to have full control over which ads are being served to audiences, optimize yield, and provide full transparency.

Lastly, Endgame360 tapped into EX.CO’s ability to ingest their RSS feeds which takes existing content from the site that is relevant to a reader–based on browsing behavior, contextual targeting, AI, and machine-learning capabilities–and creates dynamic videos to help recirculate content around each site.

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The Results

In just 5 short months, Endgame360 has seen a 15% average lift in revenue across both Motorbiscuit.com and CheatSheet.com on a monthly basis. The RSS feeds have generated 200K additional sessions per month.

By utilizing Endgame360’s own demand sources, the publisher has earned 17% more video revenue per month, as compared to the time period prior to partnering with EX.CO.

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Key Takeaways

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With content consumption increasingly happening on mobile, EX.CO’s sticky units allow publishers to fully maximize their real estate and increase ad viewability.

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EX.CO can amplify a publisher’s existing content by generating an RSS feed that links to articles around the site and recirculates traffic.

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EX.CO’s flexible demand options enable publishers to add their own demand sources and direct deals in a self-serve manner for optimal yield.