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HuffPost Spain Keeps Readers Engaged While Driving Revenue with Premium Video & Interactive Content

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Goal: Increase audience engagement & dwell time on-site while simultaneously driving revenue

Results by the numbers


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By leveraging Channels by EX.CO video solutions, in addition to integrating interactive experiences powered by the EX.CO Platform into their editorial content, HuffPost Spain was able to enhance the reader experience, boost revenue and increase dwell time on-site.

The Challenge

HuffPost Spain had a number of goals but wanted one solution to achieve them all. Those goals included keeping their audience engaged with their editorial content, increasing reader dwell-time on their website by showcasing a range of top articles, and finding a way to simultaneously increase revenue through these efforts.

The Solution

HuffPost Spain chose to partner with EX.CO to take advantage of EX.CO’s all-encompassing content offerings with Channels by EX.CO video advertising solutions and the EX.CO Platform’s interactive content capabilities.

Implementing Channels by EX.CO’s RSS to Video solution across the site allowed the media outlet to improve video content & quality, keep readers on-site by highlighting a range of their other top editorial articles, and benefit from EX.CO’s leading ad demand. As a result, the streamlined solution offered a consistent revenue stream that complimented HuffPost Spain’s internal sales efforts.

Interactive content experiences powered by the EX.CO Platform were then integrated into HuffPost Spain’s editorial content to complement these efforts, resulting in even further engagement and dwell time from readers.

Huffpost Spain Case Study Poll and RSS Video
EX.CO has always been an ally for The HuffPost. Their technology has been vital in increasing our readers' engagement with our content. The addition of Channels is another step in our alliance and has allowed us to offer our best content in a more enjoyable way for our readers and without the need to add complicated processes to our workflow. The fact that Channels is a monetizable element and therefore a potential stable source of income makes it even better.”-- Daniel Ventura, Head of Product at HuffPost Spain

Daniel Ventura, Head of Product at HuffPost Spain

Key Takeaways

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Combining multiple types of content experiences (e.g. video and polls, trivia) enhances the reader experience and keeps readers engaged and on-site

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Channels by EX.CO provides a video unit for publishers that serves as a beautiful second screen experience

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Working with partners who have leading advertising demand makes a massive difference in increasing revenue