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How Ford Used Interactive Content to Educate First-Time Car Buyers

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Goal: Gather behavioral insights

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Avg. Completion Rate

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The campaign exceeded its predetermined engagement target by 100% within the first couple of weeks. The campaign remained active for over four months, continuously driving user engagement amongst the chosen target audience, thanks to the personalized experience it provided.

In addition, the campaign allowed Ford to gather valuable insights regarding its prospective customers through their chosen quiz answers, which the car giant could then utilize for the brand’s future marketing initiatives.

The Challenge

Ford is one of the world’s leading auto brands. As part of the Ford Focus launch campaign, the company was looking to increase brand awareness and create chatter around the new car model in the UK specifically. In addition, Ford wanted to reach first-time car buyers, and educate them regarding the updated model’s unique selling points.

The Solution

EX.CO conducted a study, aligning specific personality traits with potential car preferences. Based on this hypothesis, a custom, interactive Personality Quiz item was created, presenting data-driven questions that resulted in conclusions linked to characteristics of each quiz-taker. EX.CO then distributed the item to relevant publishers within the campaign’s target region.

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Key Takeaways

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Interactive formats are a useful tool for market education initiatives, enabling brands to provide valuable information in a personalized manner.

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Interactive formats can be utilized to gather information and gain insights regarding a brand’s target audience.

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Due to the highly-engaging nature of interactive content, well-crafted content items manage to remain engaging for a relatively long period of time, bringing in better results in terms of awareness, insights and lead generation.