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How Marca Utilized Interactive Content to Make Sports Fans Part of the Game

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Goal: Engage audiences

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Marca’s decision to turn major sports news into captivating story items boosted the site’s engagement and overall view count. Leading items, such as the story celebrating the 35th birthday of footballer Zlatan Ibrahimović, gained remarkable results in terms of audience engagement.

The Challenge

Marca, a leading Spanish sports newspaper, wanted to increase engagement by giving readers a captivating content experience. Marca was looking to translate the energized, immersive feeling of a sports game, into the articles that were published on the site on a daily basis. The publisher was also looking to provide readers with in-depth articles that are both informative and entertaining, to cover major sporting events.

The Solution

Using the EX.CO Platform, Marca was able to easily create interactive content items in a variety of formats, based on specific topics.

Trivia items, for instance, were published prior to games in order to increase readers’ excitement, whereas post-game items allowed readers to share their views on players’ performance using Ranked Lists and Polls. Marca was also able to combine different formats within story items, and provide in-depth coverage, examining different aspects of the topics in question.

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Key Takeaways

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Interactive content formats allow sports fans to feel like part of the game, thus boosting their interest and engagement.

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Matching different topics with content formats that compliment them allows publishers to provide a more accurate content experience for readers.

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Story items empower publishers to combine different content formats into one engaging article and deliver a comprehensive message to readers.