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Leverage your video and article content with state-of-the-art players across every page.
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Meet EX.CO’s full-stack video platform. We’ve created a three-in-one solution, combining leading video player technology, a world class ad-server and intuitive content management, at scale.


Our proprietary ad server shifts power from the advertiser to the publisher. Fully demand agnostic and fueled by machine learning, we maximize yield and delivery of your direct and programmatic demand, in real time.

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Our fast-loading video player is optimized for Google Web Vitals, powering desktop, mobile and native apps for some of the largest publishers on the planet. So whether your future is 16:9 or vertical, we’ve got your back.

Content at scale

Embed videos one-to-one with our editorial suite or leverage EX.CO’s dynamic playlist technology with our contextual recommendation engine, matching the most relevant videos to each article.

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Improving video across the board

Leverage the full EX.CO platform to propel a wide range of key video metrics.

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+40% Revenue
<2.5sec Web Vitals
-42% Negative interactions
87% Viewability

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