Content That Makes An Impact

Use the EX.CO platform to turn your content into an unforgettable experience that drives meaningful results.

Engage your audience with
content experiences

Create suspense with the allure of a big reveal that
users have to click to discover.

Create Flip

Let readers share their opinion by having them vote
to see how their views compare with others’.

Create Poll

Ask users a series of questions about themselves,
receiving a personalized result or recommendation.

Create Quiz

Convert users with a call to action button or lead generation form that integrates seamlessly into your content.

Collect Leads

Give users a challenge by asking questions to test
their knowledge in an interactive, visual format.

Create Trivia

Easily and quickly create fully customizable videos
without any video editing skills.

Create Video

Make the important part of your text stand out with a
static or video quote that makes it pop.

Create Quote

Reach readers in a familiar format: text messages
unfolding on their screen in real-time.

Create Convo

Organize information in visually pleasing bullet
points, designed to make it more memorable and
easy to consume.

Create Summary Card

Have users vote for their favorites, while the list
re-orders itself in real-time.

Create Rank

Deliver value you
can measure


Grab users' attention while keeping your brand top of mind


Add engaging conversion experiences to make sure your content always hits your goals


Easily segment your audience and understand what interests them

Transform Every

Conversion Rates

Match customers with relevant products to guide them directly into your purchase funnel


Make any message resonate by driving longer dwell times, higher click through rates and increased purchase intent


Build audience groups based on answers to any question, or engagement patterns


Leverage audience data from content to effectively target specific visitors and their lookalikes with hyper-relevant messaging

Efficient Media

Ensure media is focused only on relevant audience segments

Loved By Content
Pros Worldwide

Brace for impact


Purchase intent

Compared to industry average
as measured by Nielsen


Engagement rate

Compared to 52%
industry average



Average dwell time


Scroll depth

Double the industry
average of 47.5%


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