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Full-stack video and monetization platform for publishers.

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Ideal for publishers with
one domain or site
  • Turn-key OVP for all video
  • Customizable HTML 5 player
  • Automated video creation
  • Leading ML yield algorithm
  • Demand management interface
  • Revenue dashboard
  • Automatic payments each month
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Media Group

Ideal for publishers with
more than one domain or business unit
  • Turn-key OVP for all video
  • Customizable HTML 5 player
  • Premium third-party video library
  • Leading AI yield algorithm
  • Content recommendation AI
  • Enterprise dashboards/APIs
  • Interactive experience platform
  • Single sign-on for all domains
  • Dedicated account team
    and ops
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Want to know what you could earn?

Monthly page views

BoardingArea Business Case

27% average revenue lift per site

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Speaking from experience

Sky News always looks for bold ways of telling stories, and EX.CO offers us the ability to do that with interactive and engaging formats that help elevate our award winning journalism.
Ronan Hughes
Output Editor at Sky News
Their technology has been vital in increasing our readers, engagement with our content. Now we can offer our best content in more enjoyable way, without the need to add complicated processes to our workflow.
Daniel Ventura
Head of Product at HuffPost Spain
Leveraging EX.CO's video technology platform, we were able to meaningfully increase engagement and revenue without changing our current behaviors or requiring additional resources. Through our partnership we were also able to drive unique revenue streams, helping to grow the business in new ways.
Nathan Collier
VP, Audience Acquisition & Development at CBS
We saw 100% incremental new revenue in addition to the other benefits of the player. Even our lowest readership sites have seen a welcome revenue boost to the tune of 23%. Beyond the value of the revenue is the value of the service we get from EX.CO–simply extraordinary.
Randy Petersen
Founder of BoardingArea
Ziff Davis


How do I get started?

Just contact us through this page and a representative will be in touch shortly to get you set up with a demo and your own EX.CO account.

What are the costs?

EX.CO works with publishers and websites to maximize the engagement and yield of their audiences through high-quality video experiences on every page.

Together we add video content to your site and monetize with your own demand sources and EX.CO demand. We pay each month via the platform.

What is included in the platform?

EX.CO is a full stack video OVP and monetization suite for your organization, including content and player management, our own ad server, content recommendation and yield engine AI technology.

What other value do you add?

All video player creation, hosting and streaming costs are covered by EX.CO as part of the platform agreement.

We also take care of fees to all relevant partners for targeting, identity and compliance to optimize revenue generation. This is similarly all covered as part of our agreed revenue share and platform serving fee.

Can I add video content to my site with EX.CO?

Yes, absolutely. We offer video creation technology via RSS, turning your articles into short form video trailers – but we also offer premium licensed video content that can enrich your own catalog and add longer form engagement.

Can I schedule a demo?

We’d love to show you around. If you quickly fill out the form below one of our specialists will reach out to you to organize a demo of the platform for you.

Which plan is best for me?

We cater for some of the largest media groups in the world across their portfolio of properties, but EX.CO is also a valuable tool for individual sites or blogs with a larger audience due the platform and the high degree of control publishers can have.

Is EX.CO compliant with GDPR and other privacy standards?

Yes, absolutely. We work within all applicable standards and compliance, at all times.

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Discover why EX.CO is the leading publisher platform for video and monetization.